Happy Friday from Frappe!!

This is Frappe, our baby goat. Look at this boy! He is doing fantastic! He is HUGE (top photo his current handsome pose).

He was just 3 weeks old in the photo on the bottom and we were so concerned for him. Not sure what to do next after several doctors assessed him and concluded we would need to take him to NC State and they might be able to help him. MIGHT

Thanks to my BFF Google for leading me to find the right doctor.

Thank you Dr. Freese for taking the time to help him when it looked like there was none.

Lives are saved and changed daily because someone cared. It only takes one person with a big heart and the compassion to change a life.

It is very hard to find doctors for animals that truly care about the animal. We are greatfull for the ones that have helped all of the animals that have come to our Paw Project animal rescue for help.

Thank you for following our journey.

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